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IRDR15 • Released:

TITUBA [Álvaro Pérez/Colin Fisher/Álvaro Domene/Mike Pride]


TITUBA is an international quartet featuring Colin Fisher (Toronto) and Álvaro Pérez (Madrid) on saxophones, Álvaro Domene (New York) on seven string guitar, and Mike Pride (New York) on drums and percussion. Their debut album is out now and it's a doozy. 

This eponymous release, named after an enslaved indigenous woman who was one of the first to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem trials of 1692, is a collection of compositions that showcases the group's creative vision and virtuosity. From the opening track, “Brilliant Obscurity”, it's clear that the band is operating at the highest level, with a sound that is both commanding and nuanced, and an approach to improvisation and composition that is both precise and fearless. 

Despite the fact that the album was recorded remotely, the group's music is full of the kind of intuitive communication and interplay that can only come from years of playing together, even though Domene was the only common link amongst the band members prior to this recording project. Whether they're improvising abstract textures or weaving intricate melodies together, the quartet's music is always full of energy and invention, with each member of the group bringing their own unique voice to the table, resulting in a truly collaborative and rich sound. It's a testament to the ensemble's musicianship and dedication to their craft that they were able to create such a cohesive and compelling album in spite of the challenges of remote recording, given the strong improvisational aspect of the music. 

Synthesizing elements of contemporary classical music with free jazz and even metal, the quartet has created a sound that is both lush and explosive. The interplay between the instruments is tight and intuitive, and the compositions themselves are full of surprising twists and turns. It's the kind of music that demands close and repeated listening and rewards it generously, as this is a group that is pushing the boundaries of what jazz can be in 2023, and doing it with a breathtaking level of creativity and finesse. 

As individual musicians - with each band member having a prolific discography in the fields of avant-garde music, jazz, metal, and free improvisation - they are all known for their musicality and technical proficiency, and their combined talents make for a truly exceptional ensemble. 

TITUBA's debut is a must-listen album for fans of forward-thinking jazz and anyone interested in where the genre is headed, as well as an essential addition to the collection of those interested in the intersection of contemporary composition and improvisational music. Don't miss it.

All music by TITUBA 

Álvaro Pérez: alto 
Colin Fisher: tenor 
Álvaro Domene: seven string guitar 
Mike Pride: drums and percussion 

Recorded December 2021 in Toronto, New York, and Madrid. 
Mixed by Álvaro Domene and Mike Pride. 
Mastered by Domene at Singularity Studio, Kingston NY. 

Painting by Mike Pride. 

Published by Dometone Music BMI, Funhole Music, BMI, and SGAE.

Iluso Records is an independent
record label founded in 2013.
Our catalogue includes creative new music
from some of the world’s best music makers.